why we love doctor who

!on a brief semi-hiatus over the coming weeks! this is a blog in dedication to doctor who. what we do is that we list our reasons for loving doctor who.

important - there will be spoilers if you haven't seen it all.

we thank WHYWELOVEMERLIN.TUMBLR.COM - it was our love for their tumblr that drove us to create this one. so, visit their tumblr!!!

and please - notice the submit! link, where you can submit your own reasons for loving doctor who!

so my friend is here and would like to ask you who's your favorite doctor

Ten is my favourite :)

Anonymous asked:
Who's your favorite Doctor and Companion?

I am, and have always been, in love with 10&Rose, I’m a romantic. But I love the 10thdoctor-donna combo too! 

okY, I’ve got nothing to post atm, but I’m up and tomorrow I’m going traveling for a while. 

messageeesss! yaaa! Ask anything

happy valentine’s day to all lovers, family members, friends and special someones out there! 

Anonymous asked:
Hello friend I need some advice, I have liked this girl for a long time and I really want to ask her out but I don't have the guts. What if I get rejected? What if things turn even more awkward? Please help.

 it depends a little bit on the situation, like if you’re friends or if she’s someone you’re sort of fancying from afar! Rejection sucks, there’s no getting over it but I’d say that whatever her respons, she’ll be flattered and feel appreciated. And you will know for sure :) and personally, I would never have the guts to simply walk up to a guy and ask him out but start with trying to make conversation, like finding things you have in common and then just build up a friendly foundation but with a flirtatious twist and then ask him if he wanted to grab a beer sometime. you have to put yourself out there, even though it sucks at times. 

Encouraging hugs!

Anonymous asked:
You said you can give relationship advice? If not, then ignore this lol. But I need some advice. So I have a crush on this guy and I was with him and some other friends at a school event. Well he was with his best friend flirting with lots of other girls for fun and my gal pal pulls me aside and tells me about how jealous she is and tells me that she likes this guy too. Well now I dont know if I should tell him I like him because I dont want to make my gal pal feel jealous.

that sort of situation is always uncomfortable, but you should tell your friend what you’re feeling - if they’re not involved, and you haven’t done anything with this guy either, better avoid more uncomfortableness by just telling her about the situation. 

you guys are amazing <3<3<3<3 Can’t believe I got so many responses. it means the world to me! 

anyone up for giving some real relationshippy advices, please send a message. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi so, love your account by the way! Absolutely fantastic! But I'm confused, could you explain the whole Ten and TenToo thing to me?

oh thank you! 

Well of course, but before I do - Have you seen Journey’s end? The last episode of the forth season? 

!!!! I saw Russell Tovey, aka “allons-y alonso, in doctor who” (also in being human/sherlock), today!! He was at the shoreditch grind café in london, where me and my mates were hanging out with a friend who works there, and all of a sudden in he comes with the most adorable little doggy. After doing some research, the dog’s name is Rocky

That makes my second famous person I’ve randomly run into, the first being sophie turner (sansa stark)! It’s not really an impressing amount but it’s something hehe

abstert asked:
I hope you have a great day. your awsome!

Thank you! You too!!

hejhej vänner, någon som förstår vad jag säger?image

Anonymous asked:
love your tattoo. you go girl <3

oh thanks so very much! rock on! <3 

tattoo finally healed!! forever and always proud to be a feminist, a woman and fight for women’s rights. <3 <3